Many students at Miami University have heard of Associated Student Government, but they're not quite sure who we are or what we do. ASG is a largely decentralized organization: encompassing 400+ student organizations, a legislative body to hear student complaints and concerns, an executive board that works tightly with the administration on day-to-day affairs, and a plethora of committees and departments dedicated to improving our college experience.

One major obligation of ASG is to oversee the student organization budget, a $1.2 million dollar fund that helps support vibrant campus life. We also oversee the CAC, RHA, and Club Sports' budget to best ensure proper fiduciary duty to the responsible use of the Student Fee.

Many campus-wide initiatives have begun within ASG, including the a multiple decade call for the construction of the Armstrong Student Center, and other calls for renovations and upgrades.

ASG aims to best equip Miami students to fully realize their potential while on campus. By sponsoring hundreds of students organizations, sports, and activities, ASG gives Miami students a chance to try new times, acquire new skills, develop leadership habits, and in general contribute to an effective educational environment.

ASG Organizational Structure